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How to Boost SEO through Blogging

In an Online world, Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in the recognition of any business. It built credibility and high-ranking placement of your business website on the search engines. SEO sure consists of many strategies and techniques which ensure the traffic to your website. It increases the business’s reach to its potential clients. Secures leads that unblock various new opportunities for driving growth and profit. There are a ton of other benefits of SEO if you look at it in detail.

But how to make sure that you doing it right?

Well, one way to boost SEO is through Blogging. Again, having a blog isn’t complete help, still, it is a good option to optimize SEO because it helps with various things that affect the ranking factor. When you update your blog on daily basis consisting of good quality content and on a topic that is relevant to your targeted audience, it makes sure of the overall performance of your website on search engines.

In this post, we are going to discuss how blogging helps us with SEO for an online presence of a website in an aggressive market. We will talk about how to optimize it to increase google organic traffic and overall ranking.

Let’s Go:


  • Blogging gives you access to target more keywords

It goes without saying that with blogs you can target more keywords that are relevant to your business that you cannot just target with your landing page. Let’s say you have a fully optimized website with targeted keywords, but still, no organic traffic. That’s because there are hundreds of other companies that are targeting the same keywords and it is hard to compete because some of them are old and well-established. That is where blogging kicks in.

A blog is a place where you can add more relevant keywords whether you decide to go with long tail keywords or short tail keywords, totally depending on the technique you are using to get a high ranking.


  • Increase the chances of natural backlinking Establishment

To rank on the top of a search engine, it needs a high-end backlink. And Blogging is one of the sure ways to do that. Blogging increases the authority of your domain. Other bloggers are happy to link a good post or content rather than a product or service. Links may not help with a direct impact on the ranking of your website but will make sure the establishment of your domain. And profits all pages on your website.


  • Great way to let people know your expertise on the subject

Expertise — Authority — Trustworthiness (EAT), are the factors that google try to access while looking for value in a website. Through a Blog, you can show your expertise on a given topic to your visitors i.e the whole internet.

We hope these points give you a bit of understanding of how Blogging can help you boost your SEO but How to optimize your blog that results in better SEO? Below are given few DO’s and DONT’s in creating a blog.


  • Do not target the same keyword as with other pages on your website

Blogs allow you to explore more keywords that are relevant to you and your client. The biggest mistakes that people make is that they use the same keyword as their landing page. Targeting the same keywords will make the google get confused and its algorithm will not understand which page is more valuable.


  • Expand your horizon to different topics for your Blog.

The advantages of blogging are that you can use numerous topics that you can mention in it. Be Creative. For example, let’s say, you are an investment company. Your topic can be ‘best startups of 2022’ and you can mention a startup that you invested in, as one of the options. Or your topic can be the economical growth of your Country and mention how the government is promoting new business and how an investment company can help you grow a new business. The possibilities are limitless.


  • Provide a solution in your topic title rather than asking a question

 Everyone clicks on the title that is providing a solution rather than asking a question because now they know the idea of the content and make your blog stand out from the rest.

SEO optimization is a go-through journey that we all have to take who want to grow as a business online. It takes a lot of patience and time to do it correctly. And blogging is a great way to enhance or optimize your SEO requirement. Blogs sure help you to add those extra keywords to make sure that google position your website at the top of search queries. If done right, it will guarantee the driven traffic of your potential customers to your website resulting in more relevant leads and profits for your company.

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