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Advantages of having an own Ecommerce Website

The Internet is a very powerful tool when it comes to whether build your business awareness or selling your products or services without the geographical barriers that we know of. You may have an office or a shop, to overlook the complete operation of your business or the distribution of your products but if you are looking to expand and make a profitable margin, the internet is your friend. So you have ample reasons in your pocket, to show. Well, there are ample benefits of eCommerce websites too, and they are too strong for you, to ignore. And there is no doubt that the opportunity of selling goods online helped many businesses seamlessly earn more profit than before. Just like any other business technique, there are many advantages and plus points of having an E-commerce website for your product. We couldn’t agree more and decided to act in accordance to discuss the advantages of having an E-commerce website for your business.

First, let’s talk about what E-commerce is. E-commerce can be defined as the complete selling and buying process of an individual’s product on electronic platforms such as the internet. It is quite popular or you can say trending because of the benefits it provides such as internet marketing, easy transaction with various modes of payment, easy accessibility, and no geographical barrier to market your product. It has basically been divided into two parts,


  • Online retailers who sell their products directly to their customers. For example- Amazon, Flipkart, Lenskart, etc.
  • Sellers being part of the online marketplace which allows third-party sales. For example- Olx, Ali Express, etc.

Now let’s talk about the benefit of having an E-commerce website for your business:


  • It is much cheaper than setting up an offline shop

Think, about how much it costs to actually set up an offline office. Cost on staff, wages, other business costs such as maintenance, electricity, and a location to consider for the setup. It’s not easy to talk to set up a business. But an E-commerce website for your product can help you set up the same business at a very low cost compared to what we talked about above. Think, about how much money you could save and invest it on other things such as product improvement or website improvement.


  • The location for you to operate your business can be anywhere in the world

The major benefit of owning an E-commerce business is that it removes almost every geographical barrier that can affect the business. Having an E-commerce website for your product, now you can sell your product around the world. You just have to worry about a payment gateway that helps you accept other currencies. You can also operate the business by being anywhere in the world too. It makes things so much easier.


  • Buying and selling process is much more convenient now

Thanks to your E-commerce website, now customers can browse through as many products that you listed in very less time till they find what they were looking for. In many cases, E-commerce also helps to attain customers to revisit  It can happen that maybe the product they want isn’t available in the physical store near the locality but with the help of an e-commerce website, they can find it and buy it on the spot. Customers can spend much less time shopping than actually visiting a physical store and browsing for hours. Also, as a business owner, you can scale your product on basis of success rate which can help you to make ensure the stock level of the given product is intact.


  • Cost Reduction and it’s a 24 hours shop

Growing the business becomes possible with an E-Commerce website is such ease, you are able to provide 24*7 support, which gradually uplifts your business. Again, it’s a no-brainer to say that setting up an E-commerce website is much cheaper than setting up a physical store. It saves up to 60% of the total cost that you invest in an offline store. Think about paying extra upfront costs like rent, electricity, repairs, store design, employment, inventories, and whatnot. In any case, the owner after paying all the expenses does not receive the expected profit or ROI on the business. There is no restriction regarding the time for your customer to buy your product. They can visit your website at any time they want, and are still able to buy the product they want. This means as a business, a guaranteed return on sales and profits. It cannot be done the same for a physical store per se.


  • More measures than any sales approach

The question may arise that how to make sure of profitable margins through a website or measure how it’s doing? The answer is quite simple. An E-commerce website is highly measurable and trackable through systems such as google tools and analytics. Viewing statistics like what quantity of orders are being processed through your site, average sales, and percentage of your total revenue generated through your websites at intervening. Also, the E-commerce advertising cost is lesser than any other form of advertising cost. What you can do is hire an SEO specialist and go through an ongoing monthly investment to optimize your website ranking to ensure the traffic to your website.


  • Set it up and one less typing to worry about

What we mean by that is after Setting up an E-commerce website, you don’t have to invest much time in running it. The whole process of your website from selling your product and customer buying it is a process that is being managed by an online algorithm. You can invest your time in something much more important that is building up a product as per required by your clients or redeveloping the product that you think is less appealing. On offers, you want to launch and whatnot. Also, not to forget all the extra revenue internet generate because of fewer barriers it comes with and its limitless reach.


  • Higher margins and better cash flow

One of the major advantages of an E-commerce website to businesses that keep sellers interested is the reduction in cost. As we talked about before, setting up an offline up store costs you way much than setting up a website for your selling and payment requirement. Yes, shopping carts and payment options on these websites also help you with completely gaining a 100% payment from the customer straight away. There are also several reliable payment systems you can have for your e-commerce website including; UPI, Google Checkout, and many more.


  • Wide range of payment options

Buyers like personalization. The same goes for the option in payment they want to opt for. The E-commerce marketplace allows multiple payment options to their customers such as UPI, cash on delivery, pay with any card you want, or even in some cases, pay it later. There are a number of options for you to choose from which makes it very convenient for users to buy the product.

In the digital world where everyone and everything is on the web, people prefer shopping from their home comfort. Within a few clicks on the internet, shoppers buy literally anything online. The E-commerce industry is on the go and so, person are looking to build an online presenc so that they can sell their products or showcase their service. It has the capability to boost businesses at a level that is reachable to your deemed customer, at a given time. But still there are many owners out who think as per the old traditional system because they refrain from the idea of it and think that they are not tech-savvy enough to go and do business online.

We hope you don’t follow them, are you? Because it is so easy to set up an E-commerce Website. You just need the right guidance. Explore the horizon with an E-commerce website. You won’t be disappointed with the result in revenue generation and profitable margins.

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