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What Are Different Social Media Platforms Used For?

In the 21st century we have countless social media platforms which we can use for countless things such as meeting new people, reading the news, promoting ourselves and much more. The entire world is hooked on to it, children and adults from around the world. Social media helps us meet like-minded people who we might not meet in our life. Recently social media has been used to market/ promote businesses tremendously, since it has the reach of the entire world it is highly beneficial for brands to promote their brand on platforms suitable for them. Let’s look at some ways different platforms can be used to different purposes


Even though the younger generation might not use Facebook at all, it is still a massive platform now owned by Meta. There are still over a billion active users. Facebook appeals to the older generation, they are constantly looking at videos on it. If a business tends to the needs of that generation Facebook is the ideal place to advertise. Facebook has the best business profile, with a wide array of options for ads. Through Facebook business manager you can track your progress each step of the way. Facebook groups are also a great way to understand what customer needs are. Creating and joining groups is a must for any brand looking to expand.


Instagram is at its peak right now, every content creator every entrepreneur every business owner promotes their business on this platform. It is inarguably the most popular and used platform today. Instagram has also made strides on the business end by letting creators or business owners make their accounts professional. This way their accounts are considered to be business account and they can track their progress and check what type of content is bringing them more followers/engagement. Instagram is the best medium to promote brands tending to youngsters. Clothing brands do extremely well on Instagram since a brand can link their store to the page making it easier to shop.


When it comes to twitter it is all about the keywords and hashtags, these two things help you reach the audience, twitter also basically costs nothing. It is the cheapest way to promote the brand out of all social media platforms. Twitter is the best place to address your customers as well, to listen to their concerns. If customers have any complains they tend to go to twitter to voice their problems. Many big businesses have customer service/support accounts on twitter just to communicate with customers. This way customers trust your brand they know that your brand is reachable if they are facing any issues.


People might think LinkedIn is only for people searching for jobs, but once you understand this platform it has a great reach for marketing. Making connections on LinkedIn with your target audience will help increase your sales, if you have your customers email address you can send a request for connection on LinkedIn with them through that, to increase your engagement opportunities. This platform also helps in establishing credibility as on LinkedIn you have provided abundant background information which customers find useful.  

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