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How Is Pinterest Useful For Business

Businesses usually are not aware about the benefits of having a profile on Pinterest, since it is not fully a mainstream channel of social media. Businesses invest time and money only on those platforms where they are guaranteed conversions such as Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest has a number of advantages which a user will only understand after giving the app some time and attention. Pinterest also has a huge audience with currently over four-hundred and thirty three million active users, this number increases by a huge margin every month. Let’s have a look at some ways how Pinterest is useful for conducting business

Newer Audience

On Pinterest there are users who are looking for new images or blogs constantly, the whole point of this channel is for people to find their aesthetic. Users are interested in new content, reaching your target audience is easier, since the Pinterest audience knows what they are looking for. On platforms like Instagram and Facebook people are just there to doom-scroll it is rare they come across something new and buy it in that moment, on such platforms followers are looking for different sorts of contents like memes, celebrity posts, funny videos etc. Pinterest is a bit different than that, promoting your business on Pinterest is surely to gather some attention since there is an audience for everything on that platform.

Very High Engagement

The level of engagement on Pinterest is extremely high since the unique selling point of the app are the pins. When a user comes across a post they like they can immediately pin it to their board which creates a link between the user and the business. Creating boards is a unique feature of Pinterest which attracts users, it helps them create an organized space for the blogs, images, ideas they like. For example if a user is looking for ideas to decorate their house they can create a board specific to that and pin all the images to that board making it easy for them to come up with ideas for their space.  

Discovering Your Audience

Pinterest is very good at noticing the trends your followers are keen on. Once your follower starts showing interest in a particular topic and pins a post related to it. The Pinterest SEO catches onto it very quickly and starts catering the followers explore page to it immediately. In turn you can create content that gratifies your audience so as to increase engagement. You can follow your followers and see what sort of posts they are showing interest in it helps to keep up with the ongoing trend of the industry.

Better Buyer Conversion

Pinterest has spectacular buyer conversion rate, people are more likely to make a purchase through Pinterest than on twitter and on occasion Instagram. Pinterest gives consumers a more accurate representation of what they are looking for which drives them to buy products. 9 out of 10 people on Pinterest are definitely looking to make a purchase which is why conversions are more likely. Since customers are not just browsing but actually willing to spend money.

High Website Traffic

A business relying on website traffic for sales Pinterest is the place to be for that particular venture. If you are writing a blog promoting it on Pinterest will increase your readers by a significant margin. Since people on Pinterest actively know what they are looking for, users are likely to click on content they come across as it has been displayed for them through an algorithm.

Linking your website to your Pinterest account is a must, if viewers are interested in your posts they should easily be able to access your website where they can keep looking for more.

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