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Ecommerce rich snippet

6 Must-Have Ecommerce Rich Snippets To Stand Out In Search

Ecommerce rich snippets are pieces of additional information that is displayed on top of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It is nothing but structured data that Google uses to analyze your website data and organize it in a user friendly manner. 

These boxes of information help users to see products and results based on their search. There are different categories of rich snippets that can be used. These Ecommerce rich snippets can be used by using WordPress plugins or by manually coding it. Let us find out why these rich snippets are important and find out some must-have snippets for an Ecommerce website. 

Why Are Rich Snippets Important For E-commerce? 

To know why rich snippets are important for Ecommerce, let us first understand how these rich snippets work. So, what these Ecommerce rich snippets do is they help search engines better understand the content on your website which in turn helps your ranking. Basically, these Ecommerce rich snippets work similar to search engine optimization.

When a search engine has enough details about the content on your website, it can go through your website easily to help you rank higher or get more clicks from your audience. It becomes important to make your website more search engine friendly so that you can find the customers or clients who need your products or services. 

When you use Ecommerce rich snippets which appear on the first page of search engines, you are likely to get more clicks and increased revenue. If you think about it then this is more important and beneficial for your business rather than just ranking for certain keywords. An Ecommerce rich snippet does not help in your ranking directly but indirectly helps increase revenue. 

Must Have Ecommerce Snippets 

Now that we have seen what rich snippets are and why they are important for a business, let us have a look at some Ecommerce Snippets. There are a number of Ecommerce rich snippets that you can use for your business. Let us look at some must-have Ecommerce snippets.

FAQ Snippet 

The FAQ snippet is one of those snippets that take up a good amount of space and make your search result stand out. The more search engine space you take up is said to be better as it grabs attention quickly and increases engagement. Anything that takes up space on the search engine successfully grabs audiences’ attention. 

It works out for the best when your customers get a quick overview of the product they are looking for in a snippet. It helps you get more clicks and hence find potential customers and clients. This snippet is best suited for businesses that sell a single product or service. 

Ecommerce rich snippet

Price Snippet 

While shopping, the price of the product or service is one of the most important factors in decision making. With this Ecommerce rich snippet, you can put the price information front and center on the SERP which helps your customers in price comparison as it is a big deal in shopping. 

When there are customers who are choosing their product solely based on price, they will just look for the products that fit their budget requirements. If your product or service matches their budget requirements they will definitely click on your product and eliminate those that don’t. 

You can add information like discounts, price drops, and offers as it is tempting to look at and helps attract more customers. This also helps customers figure out the best product or service according to their requirements. 

Product Snippet

With this snippet, you can display the product details like images, prices, ratings, and more according to your product. There are different ways in which you can choose to list the information based on your audiences’ needs. 

Providing detailed information about a product in the snippet helps attract customers. This is because they get access to the information without opening the link and they can decide whether the product is what they want or not. 

As mentioned earlier, an Ecommerce rich snippet does not directly help rank on search engines but helps your business indirectly. So, by using a product snippet, you can showcase your product details and if your product meets your audiences’ requirements they will surely visit your website. 

Video Snippet 

Videos have proven to be one of the greatest marketing tools. Now, not all products or services require a video but there are certain products for which video works out the best. Say your business sells juicers then you can make a ‘how to use’ video which will help your customers understand your product better. 

Making videos will help engage your customers and help them connect to your business. Many businesses and companies are making video marketing one of the main aspects of their marketing strategy and so the video snippet is one of the best options for those products which require explanation. 

Ratings & Reviews Snippet 

Before purchasing any product online, a customer reads at least one review before they make an informed decision. Adding a ratings and reviews snippet for your products will surely work out for the best as it has the ability to attract customers and builds a certain amount of trust in customers’ minds. 

It is not necessary to put up entire reviews or complex details on the snippet, it is enough if you just mention the star ratings of your product as most customers consider the star ratings. Apart from that, the ratings and reviews snippet is the easiest to add when compared to other snippets. 

Location Snippet 

The location snippet is useful when you have a store in a physical location. With help of this, Google can show your business in ‘near me’ search results of your potential customers. To use this Ecommerce rich snippet effectively it is best when you have your business listed on Google. 

Some customers prefer buying physically and providing them with your location works out for the best. 


So, these were some of the must-have Ecommerce rich snippets that you can use to stand out in the search results. You can take your time and decide which Ecommerce rich snippets best suit your business and then go ahead with it. If you have any queries regarding this topic or any other digital marketing topic, feel free to contact us. 

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