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Why Developers Should Design A Niche Portfolio

A good developer portfolio site is one of the best ways for a web developer to display their skills, expertise, and accomplishments in a specific niche. Moreover, what a developer is best at or what he/her is capable of is more important than their past projects. 

In this article, we will talk about why developers should design niche portfolio sites for themselves with some niche website examples. So, let’s first start with understanding what a niche portfolio is and why it is beneficial for developers. 

What Is A Niche Portfolio & Is It Beneficial For Developers? 

To begin with, a niche website is one which contains content specific to a particular niche. Niche portfolios are those which have content with a narrow focus. Such websites are often created by bloggers and affiliate marketers keeping a specific audience in mind. 

For a developer, his/her portfolio should be such that it leaves a good impression on the potential prospects that may visit the website. Moreover, it is important that your prospects know about your capabilities by visiting your website. 

So, a developer portfolio site is a website that developers can create in order to showcase their experience and skills they possess. It can be a compilation of projects one has worked on or the websites they might have built to put up as a display for potential customers and clients that visit the website. 

Narrowing your focus on specific niches that you are good at helps you showcase your expertise as a developer. As a result, the more specific your niche portfolio is, the easier it is to rank higher and to find your target clients and customers. Let’s have a look at some niche websites from different fields. 

Health & Fitness 

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Firstly, for any health and fitness related developer portfolio site, it is important to create it in such a way that it comes out as trustworthy for your audience. Design your website in such a way that it gives a calm vibe which makes your audience trust you and want to reach out to you. 

The color scheme of your website and the design is very important when it comes to setting your website’s tone according to your niche. For a health and fitness niche, choose colors like blue, green, white, which give calm and positive vibes when someone visits the website.

Financial Services 

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The finance field has taken a turn towards technology as nowadays it is becoming fintech solutions which were simply financial solutions before. So, owing to this change the look for websites concerned with financial services has become tech driven. 

Such websites should talk about trust and security, that your customers can trust you with their finances. The colors you can use are blue, white, black, and green as these colors create a sense of calmness, serenity, trust, sophistication, professionality, and security. 

Beauty Industry 

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Websites for the beauty industry have a lot of things to consider. The very first thing to remember while creating a website for this industry is to make it look very authentic and trustworthy. The website should be such that it makes the viewer feel like you can deliver the said services professionally. 

The colors you use for the beauty website should be such that they give soft, elegant, and sophisticated vibes. You can use colors like pink, cream, purple, leaf green, etc. However, you can always choose the black and white scheme which gives a sophisticated and elegant look to your website. 

Trainers & Coaches 

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A developer portfolio site for trainers and coaches should loudly speak of strength and power. These websites should be such that it gives out positive and energetic vibes. Using bold capital letters, strong themes, and dynamic images is best suited for such websites. 

Apart from that using loud and vibrant colors like red, orange, bright blues, and yellow. These colors give out strong, positive, and motivating vibes which make the viewers feel like you can deliver your services efficiently. 



NGO or non-profit websites should be such that they spread the feelings of optimism, helpfulness, and humanity. When someone visits your website they should understand the cause of your NGO and should resonate with your organization’s mission and vision of helping mankind. 

While designing a developer portfolio site for NGOs or charities, use the colors like blue, gray, orange, and yellow which talk about optimism, humanity, hope, and justice. The reason we have been focusing on the color scheme used on a portfolio is that the color psychology really works and has an impact on the viewers. 


We hope that we were able to answer you why a developer should design a niche portfolio or a developer portfolio site for themselves. As there are many reasons why you should build a developer portfolio site being a developer, it is important that you first analyze your skills and design your developer portfolio site accordingly. 

So, if you have any further questions regarding this topic or any other related topic, feel free to contact us. Also, stay tuned with us as we will be helping you with more such website development topics.  

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