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Why Is Web Page Wireframe Vital Before Design?

Designing and developing websites or software that are versatile across multiple devices is one of the main concerns. Web page wireframe is a concept that people do not pay much attention to these days. However, we think that it is important to create a web page wireframe before designing it as it helps developers and clients be on the same page. 

In this website development blog, we will discuss why web page wireframe is important and why you should wireframe before design. So, let’s get started with understanding what a web page wireframe is. 

What Is A Web Page Wireframe? 

A wireframe is nothing but a blueprint for a website or an application. It is simply a schematic representation of what a website or software is going to look like. As a wireframe is just an initial representation, it involves minimum colors, styles, and graphics. Based on the details required in the website or software, the wireframe can be hand drawn or digitally drawn. 

Building a web page wireframe or wireframing is a practice usually used by UX designers. Wireframing comes very handy in the initial stages as it defines where everything will be placed before the website or software is built using code. In this article, we will talk about why one should wireframe before designing. So let’s begin!! 

Helps Visualize Structure 

As discussed earlier, a wireframe is nothing but a blueprint, it helps to visualize the layout or structure of what the website or software is going to look like. This enables the developer to put out a basic structure without any colors, images, styles, or fonts. 

It helps the developer and designer figure out what will be placed where and what elements must be included. Apart from that it is a great means by which a developer or designer can connect with the client and work with a clear idea of the client’s requirements.

Helps Map Out Functionality 

One of the major advantages of wireframing before designing is that it helps you map out functionality. Figuring out problems at an early stage and correcting them saves a lot of time and effort in a later stage when it is a little late to act on. Making changes to a wireframe is much easier than making changes to a high fidelity wireframe which includes a lot of elements. 

Spending some time initially and walking through the functionality of the wireframe is always beneficial as you can easily make any changes if required. Even though it may take some time, it always comes in handy as making such base level changes in the development phase becomes painful. So, wireframing before designing helps you save time and effort in the future. 

web page wireframe

Time And Cost Effective 

Wireframing often feels like a waste of time to many people but what they don’t understand is how it saves their time and money. Now, when a web page wireframe is designed and approved by the client, then both the client and developer are on the same page and the website or software turns out to be as per requirements. 

However, when there is no wireframe to refer to, making changes in the development phase takes up a lot of time and costs expensive changes in the later stages. To avoid such challenging situations in the future, wireframing before designing helps you save time and money, and helps you design based on client requirements. 

Helps Improve User Experience 

One of the other benefits of wireframing is that it helps improve user experience. With the help of wireframing, you can make sure that the structure or layout that you have built is easy to navigate and has an intuitive design. Wireframing helps you detect and identify navigation or usability problems in the early stages and make the necessary changes before the development stage starts. 

Ease Of Feedback 

As we have been discussing so far, wireframing plays an important role in detecting problems early on. Similarly, with the help of wireframing, gathering feedback at an early stage from the clients becomes very easy. When you get proper feedback about your layout or structure in the early stage itself, it becomes easy to make things as per client requirements. 

It is always better to take timely feedback from clients as it helps create an efficient web or software design. The lack of timely feedback causes a time consuming and painful revision process making the whole process less efficient. 


So, these are some of the reasons why you should wireframe before designing as it is one of the most important parts of the designing process. A web page wireframe comes in handy as it helps visualize the structure, maps out functionality, saves time and money, and helps improve user experience. 

Spending some time in the initial phase of the designing process helps developers meet client requirements and also renders an improved user experience. If you have any queries regarding the given topic or any other topic, feel free to contact us. Stay tuned with us as we will keep updating you with such website development blogs

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