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6 Features For Your Fast Food Restaurant Website

A fast food restaurant website is one of the most important parts of boosting and growing the business of a restaurant. For any business to grow it is important that they have a strong marketing strategy or today we would say a strong digital marketing strategy. Talking about a digital marketing strategy, a website plays an important role. 

It is observed these days that every business is establishing its online presence to sustain itself in this digitized world. However, it is seen that not many restaurants have their own websites even though it is important for them to. It is important as people often tend to look up restaurants on the internet before they decide where to go. 

Apart from all that, merely having a website is not enough. It is important to make sure the website provides the necessary information and is optimized enough for a greater reach. So, in this article, we will talk about some features that a fast food restaurant website must have. Let’s begin! 

Photo Gallery 

Now, whenever we want to go to a restaurant the main thing we want to know is how the food and ambience looks. It is important to remember that when we see something with our eyes it is more convincing and believable rather than reading about it or hearing about it. So why not show your audience how good your restaurant is. 

A photo gallery is the best way to display your restaurant’s strengths. Make sure the photos you upload are of the highest quality and are attractive. You can even invest in a professional photographer for the best results. Well, not just photos but you can also upload attractive videos as videos are more expressive. 


Before even looking at the pictures people would evidently want to know what is on your menu before they decide where to eat. So, your menu becomes one of the most essential features that have to be present on your fast food restaurant website. However, how you display your menu also plays an important role. 

When you put your menu on your fast food restaurant website make sure it is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand, access, and share. Apart from that try not to put your menu in an image or pdf form and make your menu a part of your website. Even though you have a photo gallery on your fast food restaurant website, don’t hesitate to use photos of your dishes on the menu as everyone likes to see what the dish looks like. 

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Online Ordering 

Moving forward, even though ordering food online has been around for a long time, it has drastically increased since the pandemic hit us. Everyone has gotten habitual to sitting in the comfort of their homes and getting their favorite food at the doorstep. 

Although there are various food delivery apps available out there, it is observed that people prefer to order from a restaurant’s official website or application. Enabling the online ordering feature for your customers will help develop trust among them and help drive more audience. So, it would work out for the best if you add this feature to your fast food restaurant website. 

Online Reservation 

Now, another thing people trust the official website more with is table booking or reservations. Offering online reservations is not only beneficial for the customers but it works out for the restaurant as well. It helps streamline the process and makes management easier. 

If by any chance you choose not to avail the online ordering offer, you should at least consider online reservation for your customers. Things like reservations and orders from an official website induce trust and reliance among your audience and customers. 

Customer Ratings, Reviews, & Feedback

After looking at the menu and the photos of our restaurant, the next thing people look for is the reviews and ratings section. We would say this section plays a very important role while choosing a restaurant. So, you can add a reviews and feedback section to your fast food restaurant website. 

This section not only helps attract customers but also helps you figure out how you can do better. Not only that but you can also maintain contact with your customers and respond if and when they have any issue or query. 

Social Media Links 

We all know how big a role social media plays in our life these days. Not just websites but even social media handles play an important role in your digital marketing strategy. It is also observed that people tend to trust a business more when they see a well set social media handle. 

So, add your social media links to the website so that your audience can directly reach your social media handle through your website. Doing so will help you boost your marketing and also attract more audience on your social media handles. 


So, coming to the end of this article, these were some of the crucial features we think a fast food restaurant website must have. Running a fast food restaurant is surely a difficult task with so many things to look after and take care of. However, we hope that this article helped you answer your questions regarding your fast food restaurant website. 

We will keep providing you with such web development articles so stay tuned for more!

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